Knowledge centre for the development of the Hungarian
green economy

About us

ZKK operates as an organisational unit of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Centre for University-Industry Cooperation. ZKK aims to help achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal set in Hungarian law, as a knowledge centre that stimulates various interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Centre was born out of the recognition that business and technological innovations will play a key role in the "green transition", which will not only offer opportunities for the research and innovation sector but can also become important tools for economic development by strengthening the domestic background industry. However, achieving the simultaneous goals of decarbonisation and economic development requires close cooperation between the technical and social sciences. ZKK will provide a platform for this cooperation with the aim of enabling Hungary to apply the key technologies and market organisation solutions of the future in practice as soon as possible, building on the domestic innovation and knowledge base, but also taking advantage of the opportunities for international cooperation.

The Centre intends to contribute to this goal by addressing all actors in the sectoral value chains that are crucial for the success of decarbonisation. The platforms of ZKK includes:

  • Energy Communities Forum
  • Hungarian Battery Alliance (HUBA)
  • Implementation Forum of the Distribution-level Flexibility Market (ERPI)
  • Energy Communities Forum
  • Solar Energy Forum

ZKK was established with the support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary

ZKK was established with the support of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary


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Ministries and regulatory authorities

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