Energy Communities Forum

Energy Communities Forum

Several new market players have emerged in the changing European and domestic electricity markets. There are a number of attempts to integrate relevant EU and national legislation into the system. However, in the absence of experience, several open questions remain regarding the effective cooperation of new and old actors.

The Hungarian legislator has developed an interesting practical approach to develop a  new regulatory system. It supports the practical establishment of energy communities on an experimental basis, for the time being in a transitional regulatory environment. In addition to developing a functioning business model, communities can make proposals to refine the current regulatory environment and create new rules.

The ZKK supports the pooling of these proposals and the sharing of best practices through the establishment of an Energy Community Forum. The energy communities and regulatory authorities participating in the forums will jointly develop ideas for the direction of the necessary progress.

Professional leader of the Forum: Dr. Boross Norbert

Forum participants:

  •     Tender winning energy communities
  •     Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  •     Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA)
  •     Employees of MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator and DSOs
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