Energy is the frontline of the green transition

Dr. Péter Kaderják, Director of the Zero Carbon Centre, authored the first of a series of articles on the future of energy in Hungary. The article was published by magazine. The other articles in the column can be found at Let me start with what this debate should not be about. As a […]

New power plant connection processes - summary of the 3rd Solar Energy Forum

The third MNB-ZCC Solar Energy Forum was held at the end of January 2022, which focused on the problem of location-specific congestion at the connection points of the public electricity grid due to the explosion of new solar capacity and the possible methods to tackle this problem, with special regard to the new capacity allocation […]

Our first policy paper of the year is published

Our Policy Paper focuses on the opportunities for the more extensive use of private long-term power purchase agreements in Hungary. This issue was also discussed at the 2nd MNB ZKK Solar Energy Forum, including factors needed to give this process momentum, the current barriers in the system and the solutions therefor, the policy instruments required […]

BME and MVM are researching future-proof energy supplies

BME and MVM have signed a consortium agreement on conducting research and explore the conditions for a climate-neutral economy and innovative solutions for the electricity sector. The new research programme is promoted by the strategic agreement between the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and MVM Zrt. The cooperation will include the participation of […]

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