Renewable energy technologies

Our first policy paper of the year is published

The topic of the discussion at the 2nd MNB ZKK Solar Energy Forum was the opportunities for the expansion of private long-term power purchase agreements in Hungary. A version of the Policy Paper article will also be published in the next issue of Energiagazdálkodás.

ZKK Napenergia Forum CPPA Policy Paper

MNB Solar Energy Forum

The key area of the transformation of the Hungarian economy towards climate neutrality is the widespread use of weather-dependent electricity generation technologies, especially solar energy. In the last three years, the volume of installed solar capacities has grown exponentially. Today, solar energy production is present in the Hungarian electricity system at more than 80,000 locations, exceeding the installed capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. This fast-paced growth creates a number of technical, business, network development and market integration challenges and significant innovation opportunities. Financing solar energy investments is also a priority of the banking sector.

The MNB Solar Energy Forum serves as a cooperation platform for industry stakeholders, financial institutions, government bodies and university researchers interested in the development of the industry to monitor the main developments of the solar energy sector. The purpose of this cooperation is to identify the above-mentioned problems, learn about the latest technological results and innovation opportunities.

Forum sessions

Session 3.

The 3rd edition of the Solar Energy Forum was held on January 28, 2022, between 9:30 and 12:00. The topic was the new connection capacity allocation procedure that is going to be implemented on the medium and high voltage grid. The event was held partly in person, partly by teleconference, it was attended by nearly 120 professionals from the energy and banking sectors.


  • Welcoming speech by Nóra Szarvas, Sustainable Finance Department Expert of MNB
  • -Introductory presentation by Dr. Péter Kaderják, Head of the CCC,
  • Regulatory side:
    • Barnabás Bárdi, Head of Electricity Supervision and Price Regulation Department of the Hungarian Energy and Utility Authority
  • Mavir position:
    • Zsolt Zoltán Lengyel Head of System Level Planning Department of MAVIR
  • DSO side:
    • MVM: Mihály Pipicz Technical Director,
    • ON: András Csank, Head of Transmission Network Strategy
    • TITÁSZ: Gábor Hollandi, Technical Planning Manager
  • Renewable energy investor side:
    • MNNSZ: Lajos Mészáros, Engineer
    • MET: Gábor Molnár, Head of Renewable Business Development

Session 2.

The 2nd session of the Solar Energy Forum took place on December 9, 2021 from 15:00 to 17:30 and explored the opportunities of private long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs). The event took place partly in person with roundtable participants meeting at the BME, partly through teleconference with other participants joining online. Nearly 60 energy and banking industry professionals attended the Forum.


  • ZKK welcoming speech by Dr. Péter Kaderják
  • legal presentation on PPA schemes - Dentons: Dr. Eszter Zádori
  • Perspectives of Hungarian developers
    • ALTEO: Attila Chikán, Jr.
    • EDP: István Pócs
  • Perspectives of large consumers
    • Industrial Energy Consumers Forum: Zoltán Nagy
  • Bank financier side - K&H: Eszter Nagy
  • Q&A

Session 1.

The first meeting of the MNB Solar Energy Forum took place on September 9, 2021 between 8.30-10.00 a.m., and the topic was the discussion of the call for proposals of the programme "Support for residential solar systems and electrification of heating systems combined with solar systems", which the government intends to announce with a budget of HUF 201 billion.

The event was held at MNB.


  • Welcoming speech by Gábor Gyura, Head of Sustainable Finance Department of MNB
  • Information on the purpose of the call for tenders by Attila Steiner, State Secretary for Circular Economy Development, Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • Presentation by Dr. Péter Kaderják, Head of ZKK
  • Q&A with the heads of the ITM departments responsible for the programme, Márk Alföldy-Boruss and Viktor Horváth
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