The greening of transport

ZKK’s activity in the field of the greening of transport is connected to one of the priority projects of the National Hydrogen Strategy; the „Green Truck Program”.

In Hungary, the energy use of the transport sector is responsible for one-quarter of all greenhouse-gas emissions, more than 90% of which comes from road transport. Heavy-duty vehicles emit most pollutants, and they are responsible for a number of other negative externalities such as noise and local air pollution.

The concept of the Green Truck Program is based on the opportunities presented by both hydrogen technologies and LNG to make the traffic of heavy-duty vehicles greener on the TEN-T corridors that cross Hungary.

Within this project, we will simultaneously examine the economic incentives for purchasing and operating LNG- and hydrogen-fuelled heavy-duty vehicles (road tolling system, excise taxes) and technological/infrastructural conditions. We will assess the potential of a Green Truck Program for economic development in the Hungarian vehicle industry by establishing a supply chain based on domestically available bio-LNG and hydrogen. We will explore the related opportunities for Hungarian R+D+I.

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