Battery industry

A critical condition for the transition to a zero-carbon economy is the spread of efficient and environmentally sustainable electricity storage solutions, especially in the areas of e-mobility and the integration of weather-dependent renewable electricity production. State-of-the-art battery storage has great development potential in both areas all over the world. Hungary's industrial, R&D traditions and capabilities are already outstanding in this field. The development of this sector can make the Hungarian battery industry a strategically important one in the Hungarian economy.

Since its establishment, ZKK plays a key role in coordinating the development of the Hungarian battery industry. On July 1, 2021, ZKK, in cooperation with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, established the Hungarian Battery Industry Platform, which brings together more than sixty industrial, academic and public administration institutions. They began preparations to establish the Hungarian Battery Association. In this process, ZKK elaborated the concept of the Association, defining its goals and scope of activities. The establishment of the Hungarian Battery Association is currently in progress. During 2021, ZKK will coordinate the work and technical support of the Association and operate its secretariat.

Professional leader: Fanni Mészáros

In cooperation with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and EIT InnoEnergy, ZKK is the main organizer of the most  comprehensive international conference for reviewing the opportunities and challenges faced by the stakeholders of the fast developing Hungarian battery industry, the Hungarian Battery Day, which took place on 30 September 2021 in Budapest (

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