Green Industrial Development

One of the important goals of the National Energy Strategy, adopted in 2020, is to ensure that the „greening” of the Hungarian energy sector is implemented based on our domestic industry, contributing to economic growth and job creation. The National Clean Development Strategy, adopted in May 2021, describes scenarios that will achieve carbon-neutrality in the entire economy of Hungary by 2050. This a goal specified the legal regulations in Hungary. The strategy also highlights the importance of economic and social issues that need to be thoroughly analyzed so that Hungary can be a winner of the green transition process.

ZKK will contribute to this goal by drafting a concept for green industrial development. The first task will be to identify the scope of „green industries” in a scientific manner. At this point, it is far from obvious how to assess the performance of a given industry with regards to the environment and climate neutrality. We will establish key performance indicators for green industries. The KPIs must be in the focus of a development strategy. Later, the monitoring of the KPIs can be used as a tool to assess the success of implementation. We will assess the development potential of various industries, taking into account the goals and scenarios of existing policy documents for industry, energy and climate. We will make a recommendation for policy interventions that will help achieve development goals, and establish a corporate database containing publicly available data of companies that form the backbone of the green economy. The database will be later used for policy analysis and the monitoring of policy measures.

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