Hydrogen economy

The National Hydrogen-technology Platform was established in April 2020 for the development of Hungary’s hydrogen economy. The majority of its 70+ members come from the corporate sector, but the academia, the government and other organizations (associations, clusters) are also involved in its work. The first phase of the Platform’s activity was concluded with the publication of a White Paper, which gives an overview of global trends in the development of the hydrogen economy, as well as of Hungary’s competences and opportunities in this sector. In the meanwhile, the Ministry for Innovation and Technology started to draft Hungary’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which was adopted by the Government in June 2021.

ZKK is helping the Platform to maintain industrial dialogue and to implement the Strategy. We will organize six workshops until June 2022, which will contribute to finding solutions to problems that may arise during the implementation of the Strategy and strengthen industrial co-operation. These events may bring about the following r

  • drafting recommendations concerning national and EU-regulations affecting the various aspects of the hydrogen economy (hydrogen use in transport, industry and energy, feeding to the natural gas grid, storage, production, etc.)
  • the launch of demonstration and innovation projects that will help the wider use of hydrogen-technology applications
  • Hungarian engagement in international hydrogen projects (e.g. IPCEI)

Professional leader: Ákos Beöthy

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