Dr. Pálma Szolnoki

Senior Associate

Dr. Pálma Szolnoki has extensive academic, business and regulatory experience regarding the energy sector in Hungary. Dr. Szolnoki graduated as a macro-analyst at Budapest Corvinus University and began her career at the university-based research centre, REKK (Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research), where she spent eight years leading Hungarian and regional projects and teaching on this subject. Later, she worked as an analyst and business development expert at major Hungarian energy companies (HUPX-CEEGEX, MVM). At IP Systems, she worked on energy market digitalisation projects in the CEE region (Ukraine, Croatia, Baltic States). Recently, she led the natural gas market monitoring unit at the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority. She was the first chairwoman of the Natural Gas Market Committee of ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association). In 2017,  Dr. Szolnoki was awarded ERRA’s prestigious international award, titled Regulatory Research Award.

As Senior Associate of Zero Carbon Hub, she focuses on the green transition of the electricity market (ERPI Forum), green financing and the development of the biogas sector.

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